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Society Franchise

Realtyroof is looking for individuals who are proactive in creating and developing customer service communities. 

We are indulging into providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and we put reliance on our partners for the same.

How Realty Roof Franchise will Help you ?


Realty roof is aiming to empower women to join the real estate sector. With more diversity,  we will have more perspective.


Extensive training for marketing or sales and analysis of the market for long term growth.


Realty Roof provide a complete sales solution to every franchise holder. As a team, we will worry for the sales and marketing of your onboard inventory and let you relax.


Who doesn't like to learn from their comfort zone! Learning that begins at home, is the most impactful ones! We are giving you the opportunity to monetize your deals and increase the PR in your housing society.


Full flexibility with no expectations of constraints or gender biases. Any person working/non-working/housemaker can associate with us.


Performing franchises will be featured on our social channels, Franchisee meets etc. We believe in growing together by boosting the morale of each partner.

Ideal franchise holders criteria


Our goal is to strengthen every woman from household to entrepreneur.


Being an owner in the society is mandatory


We will provide you with all the work exposure you need. Although, past work experience will be a prerequisite.


In the technical advancement era, a basic applied technical understanding is what we are looking for.


No requirement to be on the panel of the committee, however, membership with such committees will be an added advantage.


Minimum Graduation Degree required yet we let the communication skills speak for itself.


Spare time put to use! Managing site visits on a day off or weekends.


No infrastructure required, except a basic requirement of laptop and mobile phone


People with Good communication and PR skills will be preferable. We are looking for honest and dedicated individuals who can share our success.


As we are moving to digitalized platforms and so are our clients, we are looking for individuals who can devote their time in online promotions utilising digital platforms such as Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram/YouTube.

Location open for Franchise

Koregaon Park

Kalyani Nagar

Wadgaon Sheri

Viman Nagar


Keshav Nagar







Pimple Gurav

Pimple Nilakh

Adding more soon...!!!


What is Society Franchise?

Society franchise is a welcoming step towards including our women entrepreneur in the real estate sector. Through this model franchise, women can become the sole realtor to their housing societies and it leads to opening new avenues to sustainable income for everyone.

What will be the role of franchisee?

The franchisee should have every updated knowledge regarding their housing societies and the same should be shared to Time Realtyroof from time to time. They should increase the connect with residents to board more properties and list the same with us. Lastly, they should assist in site visits.

What is the tenure of the society franchisee?

Society franchise is currently signed for a yearly basis. After one-year preferences will be given to current franchise only if they want to continue or else new people can also apply for the same.

What is the process of cancelling franchisee and is the amount refundable?

A franchisee can anytime apply for cancelling the society franchise of ReaItyRoof by sending email to the relationship manager.

If cancelled before 1 month - the complete amount is refundableIf cancelled within 2- 12 months - Registration & admin charges of Rs 1000 will be deducted remaining amount will be refunded.

Are there any franchise charges?

Yes, there is a nominal charge of Rs 5000/- which is refundable on your first deal.

How RealtyRoof will be helpful?

After franchisee shared all details of the property with the team, its Realtyroof responsibility to market the property, handle lead enquires and take franchisee little assistance for managing site visit. The team will help in every manner to generate revenues for both parties.

How franchisee will be paid? 

To keep the transaction transparent franchise payment will be taken care by them only as they are representing the seller side, hence we play no role in fixing the earning of our franchisee but yes we will advise them with the current trends of the resale market remuneration so that they are aligned with it.In the case of rental deals, owner side can’t be charged hence we will be sharing 40% of the revenue earned from our sales.In sales of new projects, 40% of revenue will be shared.

Can Franchisee be terminated by RealtyRoof?

Yes, Franchise can be terminated before the term ends if any ethical or unacceptable act of franchise comes to light which can spoil the long term relationship and trust of mutual benefit of both the parties. Realty roof can immediately terminate the franchise and refund the remaining amount after deducting Rs 1000/- registration & admin charges.

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