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Realty Roof Associate Program

A unique program by Realty Roof, Which helps you grow your income without changing the nature of your current job profile. Identify potential home-buyers in your surroundings like: family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, etc. and bring us the leads. Once your lead buys a property with us, you can earn up to INR 25000- 75000 for every booking, it depends on project to project basis.

Why Become Our Associate

Our "Associate Program" brings to you not just money with minimal efforts but also pushes you to enhance your prowess. Here’s Why choose us?

Effortless Income

Who doesn’t like extra income with less effort? Earn more making use of your spare time,effortlessly. No required set of skills or qualifications

Zero Investment

With the negligible investment, all you need to do is register to our program, that too for free and you are all set.

Updated Network

Register your leads with your relationship manager and get instant updates regarding its booking status with us.

Instant Payments

Get Paid instantly as soon as your leads become our clients. No delays, No dues!

Be a part of Transition

Realty roof is changing with the changing times. Be a part of technological advancement and revolution with this opportunity.

Work at your Ease

Work in your comfort with all flexibility you need. Make use of surplus time to be a source of your extra income. No fixed time, no fixed place! Be wherever you want to be, yet get paid.

Who can become our associate?

Anyone who has the zest to learn, earn and can spare a few hours from their schedule. It's as simple as it sounds.We welcome people from every sector i.e from homemakers to students, from employees to companies, anybody can join.

Let's expand the opportunities of income together for each one.

  1. Incomes increases from the same daily work hour limit of 9 hours.
  2. No investment.
  3. No delays in the Commission of Payments.
  4. Relationship manager for every query & Lead management.
  5. Work and earn from anywhere.
  6. Utilise and expand your customer network.
  7. Training & Development support.
  8. Limited Seats for Associate help us to grow together in a very short period.

Why u should join Associate program?

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what is Realty Roof associate program?

Associate Program is a commission-based program of RealtyRoof in which you can earn commission on every booking which is closed by your referral.

Is there any age restriction to become an associate?

The only age criteria are that you must be 18yrs and above.

Are there any fees/charges to be an Associate?

NO. To start your Passive income with RealtyRoof, you need zero investment.

I have submitted a lead. What next?

Once the Lead is submitted with the Relationship manager, one of our Sales Team will attend and close the deal on your behalf.

What are the documents/details required to be submitted to become an associate?

To start we only need a valid email id & phone number. However for you to withdraw your commission amount, Aadhaar Card & Pan Card are mandatory.

Is it full time or part time job?

Our program doesn’t need you to be a full-time employee. Our USP is that you can utilize your free time and make a handsome commission.

Is it Commission or Salary based income?

This is a purely commission-based Income.

How much commission can I expect every month?

Our commission payout is purely based on every booking that is closed via your referral. Hence, there is no upper limit on your earnings. The more your leads book with RealtyRoof the more commission you earn.

When will I get the pay-out of my commission?

The commission is paid only after the agreement is registered

Do I need RERA number for soliciting sales?

This is a Referral/Lead Generation program and hence, you will not require a RERA Number to solicit sales. But if you want to proceed ahead as a career we can assist you in applying one for you.