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Jun 20

RERA law must be implemented effectively to build trust between buyers, builders: Housing Minister

The effective implementation of the real estate law RERA will help in restoring the trust between the developers



Jun 20

Home Loan Rates

Covid-19: Home loan rates set to dip to 15-year low, EMIs to ..



Jun 20

Real estate markets of Bengaluru and Pune to recover fast post COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted real estate activities across the country,



Covid-19 should we break or brake

Amidst the chaos and the fast paced life, we could clearly see how disasters, even in their slightest of form can put everything to standstill, How disaster brings uncertainty for present & future, How disaster can create panic & havoc.

How disaster breaks through the thoughts and beliefs, and how a person when in a situation like this, affects him physically and mentally.

However, instead of sitting and complaining about it , we can actually utilise the time to do all the things we wanted to do ,but did not had time for ;

Let’s discover ourselves , give a thought on all those decisions we made but didn’t had time to rethink about, spend more time with family , and learn how things we run after all through the life are just temporary. This self quarantine has given us an opportunity to start over and value all the things around us , a little more.

Let us join hands together with millions everywhere to put a”BRAKE” on the spread of COVID-19. Today’s positive steps taken will surely make India a blueprint to the onlookers for a remarkable effort in combating this pandemic . 

How can we do it ?

1.     Everyone should learn the importance of self quarantine and should act accordingly.Go read about it and you will understand this is for our own benefit.

2.     Everyone should look into its community of work such as; manufacturing community should cater their professional community for covid19 awareness and so forth so on.

3.     Everyone should become a self volunteer and do their bits in spreading the ways to handle and the precautions to be taken during this time and should spread it through their social platforms. We instead of fearing should understand how it spreads and the precautionary measures to be taken.

4.     Every major brands in the market can start using their social handles for public awareness, preventive measures & postive news among citizens of India, please use paid promotion to reach larger audience.

5.     All political parties, regional parties, local parties can start helping people by creating additional toll free no for the isolated families who are in of need urgent supplies like medicines & daily utility items

6.     Media is playing one of the most valuable asset currently for awareness, if ads slots could be reduced and 20 – 30 secs could be used for more postive news & preventive measures it will work.

List could go on, but want you all to contribute your ideas too. So please comment and let us share every bit we could practise together. 

  • The government is doing their bit, all we need is to cooperate.

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