To Advance all lives through real estate.

India's First Society Franchise

To Advance all lives through real estate.

Property Marketing

To Advance all lives through real estate.

Why Choose Us ?

Realtyroof in a very short period established itself as a known name in the market across Pune. We are a one-spot solution to meet various facets of commercial or residential investment, as we are driven by a commitment towards establishing new benchmarks of excellence and novelty in the industry.

Realtyroof family has a dedicated team working towards offering a reliable camaraderie throughout the transactional experience. We have established a comprehensive digital market for real estate solution for our customers so that so they can choose amongst various options meeting their criteria, without much hassle. Innovation is the key to our growth, and we are continuously working towards more advancing our technology.


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Buying or Selling

To advance all live through real estate. 

We have an extensive and updated database with regard to Commercial as well as Residential sector, we assess the needs and undergo an understanding of the intricate details, to provide the most suitable selection from the profusion of options. We aim to provide you with investment opportunities that provide long term benefits and are multiplying. We also update the market trends and after investment tax benefits.


Renting or Leasing

To advance all live through real estate. 

We position your assets in a way to attract and retain ideal tenants and we negotiate in the best interest of both the parties and walk you through every step of the transaction. We educate on where the tenants are heading and why to maximize your investment strategy. Also, we manage to interact with prospective tenants and scheduling appointments. We also assist our clients through all documentation processes and lease signing.



To advance all live through real estate. 

The rise in demand for warehousing is experienced with increased investments in production and manufacturing units. We act as the perfect interference between the companies looking for warehouses and the owners.We analyse the logistic network and help improve the operating cost ratio by optimizing the expenses.



To advance all live through real estate. 

The land is the only asset that appreciates its value. Hence, we provide with the most secure investment opportunity at the aligned market rates to extract maximum value.We make sure that encumbrances with regard to the asset are clear. 


Project Marketing

To advance all live through real estate. 

We offer an array of mediums to maximise the exposure of the property. We will embark on advertising and media in online or offline media. We also provide you with the most qualified sales team who can establish successful selling strategies. Determining the target markets and planning advertising campaign customised with the market category and designing criteria and product mix


Property Management

To advance all live through real estate. 

On your behalf, the property is preserved in its original form and the preventive measures are taken to keep it intact. Compliance to prevalent Central and state laws from time to time is managed efficiently. We deliver and improve property performance with the amenities to satisfy and engage with our customers.


RealtyRoof is extending our team to partner with people driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Let's discover new avenues together and contribute towards the achievement of our long term goals, with maximum flexibility for you.


RealtyRoof proudly ventures into a new business proposition “Business Associates Connect Program’’ It’s a Business Partnership program which allows earning more with ZERO Investment.


RealtyRoof organises events to share insightful new projects launched by our esteemed developers with our prospective clients. These events are a platform to avail the best investment opportunity with special offers.


RealtyRoof knows that buying a house can be costly, hence, we provide you with all the financial insights about the various loans through major banks across India. We offer you with impartial loan advisory services .

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